Safe and Clean Water is Your Responsibility

Congratulations on finding your dream home!

If you’ve just purchased a property with a well continue reading to learn one of the most important things you should do before finalizing the deal.

Unlike a property on municipal services, your water supply is your responsibility. Meaning it’s your job to insure it’s safe and clean for you and your family. Not to worry, a Certified Well Technician can help you do that.

Why a Have Water Inspection/Flow Rate Test

Too often we hear stories from homeowners, who are shocked and frustrated to find their water stinks, or it leaves a haze on their dishes, or turns their laundry brown or even cases where the water is so salty it isn’t safe to drink and is eating holes in the piping. Water quality and quantity can change over time and even be different from your neighbour’s. A Water Inspection including a Flow Rate Test and Water Analysis will provide you with valuable information. Just as a home inspection will help you identify potentially costly issues with your home, a Water Inspection will inform you of any issues with your water. Water issues can vary from annoying to offensive and even dangerous. The cost to deal with troubled water varies too.

Who You Need

Your Water Inspection/Flow Rate Test must be performed by a Certified Well Technician that is licenced by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

What Information You Need 

A competent Water Inspection includes;

Flow Rate Test

  • Determines the gallons per minute (GPM) the water source is capable of producing. Too little and you will run out of water.

 • Well Recovery Results

  • Determines how long it takes for your well to replenish.

 • Basic Water Analysis

 • Visual Inspection of All Water and Water Treatment Equipment

  • Details the water equipment and water treatment equipment onsite. Helps you to understand the condition of the equipment, if it is working properly and if it needs service or replacing.

 • An Easy to Read Report

  • A document prepared by a Certified Well Technician that details the above findings.

Every Real Estate Water Inspection reveals something that a buyer did not know beforehand. Whether it is good news or not, you will be better informed about your home. Finding out your home has issues with water quantity or water quality doesn't have to be a deal breaker. There are many solutions available to deal with troubled water. You need to know if the solution is within your budget.

A well-informed buyer makes for a happy homeowner.

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