Pumps & Equipment

We have all our own equipment. This means if we need to dig, we bring our own backhoe. If your job requires welding, we have an expert welder on our team and all the required equipment. No waiting for a subcontractor or for us to go and rent the equipment.

Jet Pump Experts

Berkeley pumps and other pump brands are also available.

Submersible Pumps

Berkeley pumps and several other pump brands are also available.

Well Extensions to MOE Regulations

Well extensions need to be completed by a Certified Well Technician. We have four certified technicians on staff.

Well Conversions

When working on a buried well head due to MOE regulations, the well casing should be raised above ground to meet current regulations. We use only metal casings that are welded on properly.

Well Location & Upgrades

We can locate your buried well if you are unsure of where it is?

Backhoe Services

We can bring our own backhoe when digging is required.

Sump Pumps

We supply and install only the highest quality sump pumps.

Battery Backups

We also carry a line of battery backup systems for sump pumps.