Water Treatment

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Solving water quality issues across Eastern Ontario

Concerned about your water? We happily provide a free in-home water analysis without a high-pressure sales pitch. We listen to your concerns, analyze your water and share our knowledge so you can make an informed decision.

Common Water Problems

Orange Staining

Do you have white, orange, or black staining? If so, this is not only unsightly, but it could be causing problems throughout your entire home. It can affect your appliances, clothing, plumbing pipes and fixtures. It can coat the inside of your pipes and even cause pipe corrosion. Our eco-friendly Water Treatment Solutions have the answer for dealing with these issues, not only up to the treatment system but throughout the entire household.

Are you concerned about Bacteria in your water?

Bacteria readings can vary from day to day. One of the most common methods of dealing with bacteria is ultra-violet light sterilization. This technology is an excellent solution so long as high-quality water passes through a properly sized system.  Find out how Water Treatment Solutions take bacteria sterilization to another level.

Dry skin and spots on your dishes?

Dissolved minerals and chemicals added to your water can result in hard water. Hard water affects everything it comes into contact with. It causes dry skin and hair, spots on your dishes and buildup in our pipes and on our fixtures. Find out what our Water Treatment Solutions do to deal with this issue.

Find out what Jeff Byron Pumps and Water Treatment does differently than any other water company in the world to deal with this.

When hard water is treated, it becomes soft water. Soft water is gentle on your clothes and towels. You will use less detergent and find clothes are brighter and whiter as soap residue is rinsed away. Your appliances will last longer and be more efficient. Spotting on glasses, cars and water taps will be gone as the minerals causing these issues will be removed by our Water Treatment Solution.


Unpleasant tasting water can result from chlorine, salt, iron or sulphur being present in your water. We have the solutions to resolve this issue.

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Water can have an unpleasant odour. It can be so bad that guests can smell something when they walk into your home. We’ve had customers tell us they will not shower at home because the odour in their water is too intense. They can hardly believe it when we make the smell disappear. To determine the source of the odour, we can visit your home to complete a water analysis at no cost to you. Call to arrange your no-obligation FREE water analysis.