At Jeff Byron Pumps & Water Treatment, we provide a variety of water system installation and water treatment services. In providing these services, we respect that you are on a budget, so we are committed to avoiding project delays. That’s why we provide the most professional, reliable service. Using the most current technologies for your project, we make sure your water quality is pristine and safe. We offer the following services:

greenhouse using treated water

  • Computerized Well Tests (for Real Estate)

  • Well Location & Upgrades

  • Backhoe Services

  • Pumps & Water Treatment

  • Custom-Designed Systems

  • Salt & Sulphur Specialist

  • UV Bacteria Removal

  • Water Softeners

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Injection

  • Reverse Osmosis

  • Sodium-Free Water Softener

  • Salt & Sulphur Removal System

  • Residential & Small Commercial Work

  • Government-Approved Systems for Public Buildings and Campgrounds

  • City Water Treatment

  • Chlorine Removal

  • Hard Water Removal

  • Contaminant Removal for Drinking Water


Keeping you and your family safe from harmful substances in your water is our top concern. To achieve this, we only carry the highest quality products from brands with proven track records, durability and energy efficiency. Our brands include:


Service to your existing equipment

We work on all brands of water treatment equipment. With four stocked service vehicles we come prepared for most situations so there is no time spent driving back and forth to suppliers to purchase parts.

Well Flow Rate Testing

Purchasing a home? It is imperative to know the amount of water the well can produce and the quality of that water. Our Well Flow Rate Tests can be conducted on buried wells and wells that are above ground. Above ground wells allow us to provide a computerized well test. We insert a probe into the well and record the results as we pump the well. In addition to the flow rate test, our technician will complete a water analysis. This analysis will tell you if there is salt, sulphur, iron and the hardness. We will also conduct a visual inspection of the home’s water equipment. We provide a report with these results of the Flow Rate Test, water analysis and equipment inspection.

Water Chemistry Analysis

If you require in depth water analysis, we have several testing packages you can choose from or we can test for a single item. Call to learn more.